Monday, January 21, 2013

Mercedes Benz ELA

 Mercedes Benz Futuristic Concept

In this design, the style of the vehicle is modern as the lifestyle of the society. As the buildings are much modern in form and technology and the stuff that people use are modern too. Therefore the vehicle should have a good shape and use clean energy such as Electrical energy and solar cells.
The Mercedes Benz ELA 2011 (MGDS) is a kind of a futuristic vehicle that can be used by a family or a taxi driver or even for VIP purposes. The ELA uses the electric engine in it's wheel.
In 2021 we will face to some important issues like population increases, sources of energy, various lifestyle and modern issues. This vehicle will answer all of them.
The ELA has four comfortable seats and one for the driver. The middle seat can turn to be in conference way or in the normal way. Each wheel has a indicator light that will help a lot for alerting around cars. The doors open in a butterfly way so passengers can get in and out easily.
The form of the vehicle - Shape of the Modern Michelin Wheels and Tires that are used in this vehicle - is one of the main parts of its beauty.

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