Friday, January 25, 2013

Feng Zhu Design: Design 2 - Student Work

Feng Zhu Design: Design 2 - Student Work: Some really nice designs from my Design 2 class. Project: Design a house/hideout for a specific character type (assassin, computer tech gu...

Monday, January 21, 2013


Smart Vehicle with Artificial Intelligent

In future, cities will be fast evolving and at that time, most of the cities will be Mega-cities, and surely we need personal mobility on the streets. In future , sustainable design/environmentally design , will be most important issue because of the population of the world is growing and pollution of the weather is rising, so have a sufficient transportation system is more important.
BioThink (Type A & Type B) are Smart Vehicle with Artificial Intelligent for future Mega-cities.

· Bionic form of the BioThink plus bio mechanism of them, make them vehicles of future. They are 2 passengers vehicle that bring speed, safety and comfort by the science of nature's design.
· DNA Security Key of the vehicle just accesses the vehicle to the owner of DNA data that registered in the database of the Positronic brain of the vehicle. So it is completely made for the owner of the vehicle not anyone else.
· With the help of intelligent traffic system of future Mega-city, we won’t face any crash, any unwanted stops like traffic jam and any mistakes and of course, no emission, just clean energy.

BioThink has special form of wheels that make the form unique and also give it more freedom and ability.

· BioThink Type A :
Rotary-Crawling wheels of BioThink, with the source of hybrid energy , electricity and magnet that converted from solar energy of the future roads and gathered by bio-sense of body, helps the wheel run and not worry about emission and running out of fuel.

· BioThink Type B :
Gyroscopic wheels with the source of hybrid energy, electricity and magnet that converted from solar energy of the future roads and gathered by bio-sense of body, helps the wheel run and not worry about emission and running out of fuel.

· Magnet spot of the body cause the body be on a volume of air so we will have a distance based on magnet power of that spots and magnet zone of the roads.
· Micro-fiber lining cleans the screen of the vehicle, and laser scan of the roads predict available road for driving.
· Automatic adjust of the bionic lights, make life easy in night or cloudy weather.
· Holographic crystal system make the multimedia power of the BioThink , a creature with huge storage for music, movies, database and ...
· Smart material of the body, reshape the body in limited zone based on the speed of the vehicle and condition of driving to customize itself to the best form, for the safety and comfort.

BioThink is smart, clean, safe and comfort and en-joyful to drive with wide view of display and greenhouse.
In future, because of the technology we will face to vast variety of the devices and technology that make life easy and one of them surely will be transportation system. For that huge population of the cities we should have smart and intelligent traffic system based on AI based vehicle to prevent any accident and time wasting.

Mercedes Benz ELA

 Mercedes Benz Futuristic Concept

In this design, the style of the vehicle is modern as the lifestyle of the society. As the buildings are much modern in form and technology and the stuff that people use are modern too. Therefore the vehicle should have a good shape and use clean energy such as Electrical energy and solar cells.
The Mercedes Benz ELA 2011 (MGDS) is a kind of a futuristic vehicle that can be used by a family or a taxi driver or even for VIP purposes. The ELA uses the electric engine in it's wheel.
In 2021 we will face to some important issues like population increases, sources of energy, various lifestyle and modern issues. This vehicle will answer all of them.
The ELA has four comfortable seats and one for the driver. The middle seat can turn to be in conference way or in the normal way. Each wheel has a indicator light that will help a lot for alerting around cars. The doors open in a butterfly way so passengers can get in and out easily.
The form of the vehicle - Shape of the Modern Michelin Wheels and Tires that are used in this vehicle - is one of the main parts of its beauty.