Monday, January 21, 2013

e-Cargo Box

e-Cargo Box ( Electric City Cargo Vehicle )

Electric City Cargo Vehicle

Traffic in big cities and crowded streets is real problem for delivering stuffs and transferring them to customers.
In some traditional cities ,they use some kind of cart for it and in this case ,you should push it with hand and run it toward that will get so many energy from them . Also you  don't have a good control on them while you want to stop or turn when it is loaded.
Another problem is that it is not fast and safe with some hard edges that can easily damage the people.
e-Cargo Box , with the main idea of Car-go by ADAM SCHACTER is designed to solve this problems.
It uses electric batteries with 4 separated in-wheel engines. This little bug is designed for small , inner city deliveries and the driver can quickly adapt the vehicle to suit both traffic conditions and loaded types.

Three standards configurations are:
- Compact Mode ( Narrow/Extended Wheels )
- Semi Compact Mode ( Narrow/Extended Wheel )
- Pick-Up Mode for large payloads ( Narrow/Extended Wheel )

Main Idea by : Adam Schacter

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